About Us

Welcome to Click Fraud Protection! We are a company dedicated in bringing only the unique and perfect click to your website by eliminating any kind of click fraud. In addition to that, we are also offering tutorials about online security in order to prevent your website from getting hacked and taken down by malicious hackers. With that in mind, we are presenting you a blog, Click True where everything will be truthful.
Our website aims to provide you with a valuable resource about click fraud protection. We will share the best ways to combat fraud and eliminate any wasted potential profit, sales and leads. This will also lessen costs wasted from fraud clicks.
In addition to that, we’ll also provide security tutorials. If you are using the WordPress framework, there will be a lot of tutorials to harden your website security. Things like plugins, codes and .htaccess tutorials will be covered here.
If you are using a different CMS, you can also find some tutorials here, like different extensions, CMS settings and modifications. In addition to that, we will also cover different ways to improve your server’s security by setting file permissions, disabling directory browsing and more.
Overall, click fraud protection and site security protection goes hand in hand in making sure that your online business is at good hands and best condition. This will make you a successful online entrepreneur, which will enable you to reach your goals with the least hassle to face.
We hope that this website will be a valuable source of information for you.