Avoiding Click Fraud

If you are new in the world of pay per click business, then you might still be a bit confused about the meaning of click fraud. Often seen in the pay-per-click advertising world, click fraud is a tricky method that is costing organizations and business visionaries thousands. Most of the time, click fraud includes noxious, massive clicking of your PPC commercial by a rival with the expectation that you’ll lose your mind when you see your out of this world advertising bill and quit running PPC advertisements. When you can no more stand to run advertisement, the “vanishing” of your advertisements from Google or Yahoo! means more clicks and more sales for the perpetrator’s campaign.

Sadly, eliminating it is almost impossible but you can always create ways to minimize it. Let’s see some of the effective methods to minimize click fraud.

Monitor the IP Addresses

When you take a glance at the IP addresses that are clicking on your pay per click advertisements, they should be different from each other. It’s a genuinely evident idea, your advertisement appears for unique clients every time, so there should never have a duplicate IP address clicking at the same time and if there are, you are a victim of fraudulent clicks which implies you’ll need to make action to prevent any further damage. In the event that you happen to check the IP addresses and you discover duplicates, try pausing your account until you can figure out your next move. By doing it, you will avoid wasting your PPC budget for nonsense clicks. Therefore, it’s always a great idea to monitor and take a look at your PPC campaign information to make sure that click fraud is minimized.

Targeting Specific Location or Niche

If you’re just promoting a niche based product or if you are just trying to promote your business product or service to a particular area, it is a good idea to make sure that you are just targeting the right place and the right niche at the right time. With this, you can lessen any potential risks of being targeting by click fraud attackers and in addition to that, you can generate better leads and sales while spending lesser amount of budget.

Monitor Competitors

Monitor who is competing with your keywords in search engines because those competitors can be a culprit of click fraud against you. There are different companies out there that offers click reports to help you track fraud. One of them is ClickForensics that offers free tracking reports that will detail the number of clicks on your ads that came from competitors and other common sources of fraud. There are even other companies that offer a free trial.

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