Tips for Maintaining Online Security


Online security is one of the most important thing that you need to learn today because almost every day, we are using the internet to communicate, buy things, get information, read news and weather forecast and play games. Because of the lack of knowledge about maintaining a good online security, many have fallen into the deep dark abyss of malicious online hackers and impersonators. These malicious cyber criminals are often targeting people who have less knowledge about online security and those who are not trying to improve or maintain their online security. So if you are here in order to improve or maintain your online security, then you’ve landed on the right place. Let me teach you some of the tips to maintain online security in order to prevent your financial and personal information from being stolen or taken over.

Social Engineering

If you always though that hacking is mostly done by using some form of complicated computer technology or software, then you are wrong, because the art of hacking is only 25% tools and software and 75% mastering of psychology and words. That’s what social engineering is.

Social engineering is the black magic of persuading or influencing individuals, and it’s the hacker’s best weapon of destruction. Generally, hackers can control us because of a refined comprehension of human qualities, for example, trust, ignorance, greed, the need to be liked, the yearning to help and plain old artlessness. Not even the most refined software can help to shield us from ourselves.

In order to protect ourselves from these type of hackers, we must educate ourselves about the way hackers do this particular method. There is a great article here that describes social engineering in-depth:

Creating Serious Password

Do not ever attempt to create a lame password, such as those containing your name, birthday, address or other personally identifiable information. Make sure that you create a password as random as possible. Create a mix of letters, number and symbols, both upper and lowercase but make sure that you can remember it. But if that’s your problem, there are apps or software that can help you store your password for later use or for archival purposes.

Split Emails

You’re probably using one email address to connect or manage your Facebook, Twitter, forums, newsgroups and shopping accounts. It’s always a good idea to use a separate or use multiple emails for different accounts. This is a great step to recover a certain lost or hacked account by sending access or confirmation to a secondary email, which most services have.

Be Wary of Social Networks

Never trust a stranger online, especially on social networks. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are pooled with social engineers.

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